Michelangelo at the Crypt of San Sepolcro

11th May 2018 – 15 September 2018

A new exciting initiative at the Crypt of San Sepolcro.

After the great success of the installations of Bill Viola, the Crypt of San Sepolcro hosts a new extraordinary experience that brings together cinema and art. From a co-production of the MilanoCard Group and Casa Testori, with the curatorship of Giuseppe Frangi, the patronage of the Antonioni Association and the institutional support of the Ambrosiana Foundation, an extraordinary short by Michelangelo Antonioni has arrived in Cripta di San Sepolcro supported by the shots of Aurelio Amendola. Shot by the maestro a few years before his death he sees the great director in a silent dialogue with Michelangelo’s Moses.


” 15 minutes of passion “

la repubblica



The masterpiece

The eternity of the beauty of art, expressed by Moses, clashes and compares with the human transience, represented by an Antonioni at the end of his life. The gaze referred to in the title is that of the director who enters walking in the shadow of the church, stops and remains motionless, almost overwhelmed, in front of the masterpiece of Buonarroti, scrutinizing the details and dwelling on the expression of the prophet.
Moses is a marble that “speaks”, capable of transmitting to the observer all the beauty that the artist has given him. In this visit, Antonioni enters in complete symbiosis with the sculpture, gently moving his arm up to touch it with his hand to catch the spirit.

The director’s exit from the church door, accompanied by a mysterious chorus by Pierluigi da Palestrina, makes the documentary’s director return to the light of the sun that penetrates from the outside.


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“Michelangelo at the Crypt of San Sepolcro” is included in the visit to the Crypt. It can therefore be visited from Monday to Friday from 17.00 to 21.00. Saturday and Sunday from 15.00 to 22.00.

The exhibition is included in the ticket to the Crypt.


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