Terms and conditions of online sale

General provisions

These conditions are valid only between the company TOURIST POINT s.r.l. company subject to management and control of E.S.Partecipazioni s.r.l , with registered office in Piazza Cavour, 3 – 20122 Milano (MI),  P.IVA 09167390963, hereinafter called ”TP” and any person who makes purchases online on the internet site www.criptasansepolcromilano.it/en and www.fororomanomilano.it hereinafter referred to as ” CUSTOMER”. These conditions may be subject to change and the date of publication on the site is the same as the date of entry into force.

These conditions govern purchases made on the site www.criptasansepolcromilano.it/en e www.fororomanomilano.it, in accordance with the provisions of Part III, Title III, Chapter I, Consumption Code, Legislative Decree no. n. 206/2005, modified by D.lgs. n. 21/2014 and by D.lgs. 70/2003 in the field of electronic commerce.

ARTICLE 1 – Subject of the contract

With these general sales conditions, TP sells and CUSTOMER purchases the services listed and offered for sale at www.criptasansepolcromilano.it/en and www.fororomanomilano.it. The contract is concluded exclusively through the Internet, through the CUSTOMER’s access to www.criptasansepolcromilano.it and www.fororomanomilano.it and the execution of a payment according to the procedure provided by the site itself.

The services offered on sale mainly consist of Tickets for a visit to the TP Managed Sites or for participation in Events organized or promoted by TP also at the Managed Sites. Not being able to issue directly by email the Ticket is sent to the customer by a c.d. Voucher which entitles the CUSTOMER to withdraw from the Auction Sites indicated by TP the Tickets in the same types and quantities as indicated in the Voucher.

In the payment process for the purchase of the Services, CUSTOMER may be required to indicate the date and time of use of the Services. These data will be reported in the Voucher and are binding for the use of the Service.

Customer agrees to view, prior to confirming their order, these general sales conditions, in particular the pre-contractual information supplied by TP and to accept them by proceeding with the purchase process.

CUSTOMER may also download and store a copy of these general sales conditions, as provided for in art. 51 paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 206/2005, as amended by Legislative Decree 21/2014.


Purchase Order: The payment process by which the CUSTOMER requests and buys the Service

Location: The sites managed by TP

Place of withdrawal: the office indicated by TP where you can exchange the voucher with the Ticket

Voucher: the receipt confirming the purchase and allowing the withdrawal of the ticket at the place of withdrawal

Ticket: The title that is actually eligible for access to Location and / or Event

Event: The initiative that takes place at the location

ARTICLE 2 – Pre-contractual information for the consumer – art. 49 of Legislative Decree 206/2005

The CLIENT prior to the conclusion of the purchase agreement will take into account the features of the services that are shown on the individual sheets produced when the customer chooses.

Before the conclusion of the purchase contract and prior to validating the order with “payment obligation”, the CLIENT is informed about:

-The total price of the services including the taxes, with the details of the shipping costs and any other costs;
– payment methods;
– conditions, terms and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal (Article 6 of these Conditions)
– after-sales service and commercial guarantees provided by TP.

The CUSTOMER can at any time and in any case before the conclusion of the contract, learn about TP information, geographic address, telephone number, e-mail address, information that is reported, as well as below:

TOURIST POINT SRL , company subject to management and control of E.S.Partecipazioni s.r.l , with registered office in Piazza Cavour 3, 20122 Milano (MI)

ARTICLE 3 – Conclusion and Effectiveness of the Contract

The sales contract is considered completed by sending TP to the CUSTOMER of the “Confirmation” email. The email contains the CUSTOMER data and the order number, the price of the services purchased (in the payment receipt issued by the bank), the amount of services purchased and the manner in which they are collected / used.

The CUSTOMER undertakes to verify the correctness of the personal data contained therein and to promptly notify the email address of the Location indicated in the mail confirming any corrections.

TP undertakes to describe and present the services sold on the site in the best possible way. Nevertheless, some errors, inaccuracies or small differences between the site and the actual service may appear. In addition, photographs of events, locations and services presented at www.criptasansepolcromilano.it/en and www.fororomanomilano.it are not a contractual element, as they are only representative.

ARTICLE 4 – Availability of services

The actual availability of the services sold on the webites is not directly linked to the availability of the purchase and therefore the fact that the sales channel is open. However, this availability must be considered purely indicative because, as a result of the simultaneous presence on the site of multiple users, services could be sold to other CUSTOMERS before the payment is completed.

Also after sending the order confirmation sent by TP, there may be cases of partial or total unavailability of the Services. In this case, the order will be adjusted within 72h with a refund or with an indication of another date / time of use of the Service than the one selected by the CUSTOMER.

Once the payment is made, the customer will not be entitled to any refund, except for the discretion of TP or defects in the service purchased; The cause of the service defect is excluded from the unavailability of the date / time of use selected by the CUSTOMER during the payment. In case of unavailability of the date / time of use selected by the CUSTOMER during the payment process, TP will be obliged to propose to the CLIENT another date / time than that of the latter choice. The CLIENT will have the right to refuse to Up to three times the option offered by TP, after which it will not be entitled to any redemption / exchange

Upon payment, the CUSTOMER receives a confirmation email containing a VOUCHER to be converted into TICKET at the RETIRED PLACE shown on the same VOUCHER on the date indicated by the CUSTOMER or at any opening date of the Location indicated on the VOUCHER if it is not requested to CLIENT The indication of the same at the time of purchase. Once at the RETIRED PLACE indicated by TP on the VOUCHER the latter will be converted into a TICKET. If the CLIENT does not appear at the RETIRED PLACE on the selected day and time, its order will no longer be refundable. CUSTOMER if it is unable to use the Service on the date / time selected during the payment process must inform the TP with 48h in advance of the date / time selected the new date / time between those on the Site for the type of Service purchased. In addition to this time, the CUSTOMER will not be entitled to any modification or reimbursement, even by way of derogation from the following Article 7.

ARTICLE 5 – Payment Methods

Any payment by the CUSTOMER can only be done by means of the credit cards indicated at www.criptasansepolcromilano.it/en and www.fororomanomilano.it or with Paypal payment method.

In case of credit card payment, the actual amount of the order will be charged only when the order is complete.

Payment communications and data provided by CUSTOMER when this is done take place on special protected lines. Credit card payment security is guaranteed by VBV (Verified by VISA) and SCM (Security Code Mastercard) certification.

ARTICLE 6 – Prices

All sales prices of the services indicated at www.criptasansepolcromilano.it/en are expressed in Euros and include all costs and taxes where provided.

The CUSTOMER accepts TP’s power to change its prices at any time, but services will be invoiced based on the prices indicated on the site at the time of order creation and indicated in the payment receipt.

In the event of computer, manual, technical, or any other mistake that may result in a substantial change not provided by TP, the selling price to the public, which makes it exorbitant or obviously irresistible, the purchase order will be considered Invalid and canceled and the amount paid by the CLIENT will be refunded within 14 days. On the day of the annulment.

ARTICLE 7 – Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the CUSTOMER has the right to withdraw from the purchase without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the confirmation email.

The CUSTOMER intending to exercise the right of withdrawal must notify TP through an explicit statement, which may be transmitted by registered mail to a.r.

In the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the CUSTOMER is required to prove that they have not benefited from the service.

As provided by Art. 56 paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 206/2005, amended by Legislative Decree 21/2014, TP may suspend the repayment until the CUSTOMER demonstrates that the Service has not been used.

TP will refund the CUSTOMER with a good value of the same amount to spend on www.criptasansepolcromilano.it/en and www.fororomanomilano.it

In case of a refund request received after the date / time indicated by the CUSTOMER during the payment, even if the CUSTOMER has not received the Service, the same can not be accepted and consequently the CUSTOMER is not entitled to the refund. The CUSTOMER Ticket even if the same has not been presented, will be issued and deleted on the day specified by the CUSTOMER as a day of use.

ARTICLE 8 – Liability

TP assumes no liability for any service charge due to force majeure or fortuitous accident, even if it is affected by malfunctions and disruptions to the Internet, if it fails to execute the order within the terms of the contract.

ARTICLE 9 – Access to the Site

The CUSTOMER has the right to access the site for consultation and purchase. No other use, in particular commercial, of the site or its contents, is permitted. The integrity of the site’s elements, whether sound or visual, and the related technology remain the property of TPs and are protected by intellectual property rights.

ARTICLE 10 – Cookies

The web site www.criptasansepolcromilano.it uses the ‘cookies’. Cookies are electronic files that record CUSTOMER’s browsing information on the site (consult pages, date and time of consultation, etc.) and allow TP to offer a custom service to its customers.

TP informs the Customer of the possibility of deactivating the creation of such files by accessing their own Internet Configuration Menu. It is understood that this will prevent the Customer from proceeding to online purchase.

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ARTICLE 11 – Integrity

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are made up of all the clauses that form them. If one or more of the provisions of these General Sales Conditions are considered invalid or declared to be in accordance with law, regulation or decision by a court having jurisdiction, the other provisions will continue to be fully enforceable and effective.

ARTICLE 12 – Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Conditions of Sale are subject to Italian law.

Any controversy that does not find a friendly solution will be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the Milan Tribunal.

In any case, it is possible to use the mediation procedures provided for in Legislative Decree No. 28/2010 to resolve any disputes arising out of the interpretation and execution of these terms of sale by accessing the following website:

https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr .

General sales conditions updated on March 31, 2017.