Milan San Sepolcro circuit


San Sepolcro encapsulates the oldest history of Milan from the Romans to the present. In this area has passed and history has been made not only of the city but of the country. We have traces of the passage of saints, emperors, artisans, genes, literati, dictators and even billions of common people who are passing, have lived and contributed to the growth of the city.

Today thanks to the reopening of the Crypt and its appealing ability, all San Sepolcro is becoming a true circuit with a huge cultural, artistic and attractive offer. Thanks to the extraordinary collaboration between people, institutions, institutions and companies we offer a real circuit where you can discover and revive the history of the city.

Here’s what you can find in San Sepolcro Square and nearby:

There are also a number of events waiting for you to live in the best of individual locations or even the entire space.


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